Why Is Necessary to Justify the Relevance of Related Legal Bases Related Literature Studies

A related – and preferably more recent – literature review is designed to place your research in the context of what is currently known about the subject and determine that what you have to offer is new, something different from what has already been attempted. The journal also assures reviewers that you are familiar with current developments in your field: for example, if all the articles you cite in the journal are at least 3-5 years old, reviewers will notice! How can I find reliable scientific literature on the Internet? Getting to your question, determining exactly how an LRA would support the accuracy and validity of your research is a bit difficult without knowing the field of your research. Overall, however, in terms of accuracy, a comprehensive RRL will ensure that your hypothesis is formulated taking into account everyone known on the subject and that appropriate approaches and methods are used to solve the problem. In terms of validity, the LRR will refer reviewers and readers to relevant studies to support the claims made in this study and/or validate the chosen approach. To get to the second part of your application, a good review is not a chronological inventory. Don`t just list all the articles in the order in which they were published; A thematic organization is more effective. For example, in a paragraph, you can quote articles that relate to what is currently known about the subject. In another, you can mention articles specific to the method you have chosen. Another option is to group contributions by region: for example, global studies form one group and regional studies and studies at the national level form two other groups.

Another possibility is results: all papers with similar results form a group, and those that propose another hypothesis form another group, and so on. A literature search (RRL) is important to have an overview of the current state of knowledge on the subject. It provides the researcher with a framework on which to build an appropriate hypothesis. In addition, an LRR guides the researcher in the direction of adding something new to the field without duplicating previous efforts. The LRR should not simply summarize the sources, but critically analyze and evaluate published studies in order to obtain a clear picture of the state of knowledge on the subject. How should I evaluate the scientific literature to prepare for the writing of an article? Can we first claim and then find evidence when we write a literature review?. 1315a 119 The intending spouses may make arrangements during the marriage. Saint Louis University, Baguio City Main Campus – Bonifacio Street, Baguio City. 5 The first version of Blockland was released, year in which a 2004 b 2007 c 2008 d This content belongs to the research stage Conduct Can I ask the publisher to publish a manuscript withdrawn after acceptance?.

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