Robot Trading Legal Di Indonesia

It is official and has a license from Bappebti, the closest legal trading robot in Indonesia is MIFX or Monex Investindo Future. Don`t worry about beginners as MIFX is a user-friendly and easy-to-use trading robot. „Trading robots are auxiliary tools. It was formerly called Algorithhandel. Replaced to make it more interesting and perform,“ Budi said. There are trading robots that have good quality and those that don`t. To find a good quality robot, you need to look for a robot made by an experienced person or manufacturing team. Trading robots are able to test or test algorithms on past market conditions to see and evaluate the performance of trading robots. This result can be used as an illustration and not as a measure of robot performance.

The better the quality of the trading robot, the more profitable it will be for the manufacturer and can benefit other users. This trading robot also has an interactive and easy-to-understand online education feature. Just like Octa, MIFX also offers separate account swaps with transaction reports that are constantly monitored. Therefore, before entering the world of trading, it is better to learn and know the difference between legal and illegal trading robots according to BAPPEBTI. In short, a trading robot is an algorithm designed to facilitate trading activities. As is already known, the official trading robot is a trading robot that already holds a license from Bappebti. The status is therefore legal and certainly safer to invest. So don`t try to use a trading robot that is not yet licensed! If you feel that you have been involved in this illegal trading robot fraud case and you have even lost money, you can file a complaint.

The reason is that, if you look at the number of cases, it has become criminal activity. First, commercial robots are sold as part of direct sales without permission. And as a rule, they offer a fixed-return reward. In addition, kari often offers commissions to recruit new members. In addition, online trading platforms for Forex assets have recently appeared, including Binomo. Call it as the case of DNA Pro, BinomoRobot and others who have suffered many losses and also losses. Why is this happening? One of the reasons is that Indonesians do not fully understand this type of investment or have no knowledge of trading robots. Octa Investama Berjangka, which is already licensed by Bappebti, is a trading robot that can be used safely because the funds you plant or invest in are legally protected by the government. For information, many Indonesians are victims of illegal robot trading practices. Some have even lost billions of rupees. Trading is done on autopilot or automatically without the intervention of its users. Although robo-advisors themselves have to choose which products to sell or buy at a predetermined price.

Currently, in the midst of the crowded topic of trading robots, the public needs education on their use in trading in the commodity futures trading industry, because in fact, many are still wrong and wrong when it comes to the use and use of trading robots. Trading robots as a tool to facilitate trading transactions are not a tool to get the greatest possible profit. The marketing of trading robots, which are regulated by the BAPPEBTI regulation, still needs time, because according to PERBA No. 12 of 2022, information technology-based advice from futures advisors to clients must have a record of transactions within 5 years. On the other hand, the importance of good market analysis for the success of trading by performing a good and accurate analysis will be better able to understand the state of the market, so the strategy conducted for trading will go well to increase profits. Because there are currently several legal trading robots that can be an option to make investments safely and easily. So, what are the legal trading robots in Indonesia? Here is the list: As there have been many cases of fraud, these legal trading robots offer the maximum level of security of all transactions. Since all Maxco Futures transactions are under legal protection, you don`t have to worry about fraud! Nevertheless, Budi believes that there is nothing wrong with trading robots, as this system has been around for many years under the name Algorith Trading. From the increase in these cases, we learn that our society`s financial literacy is still low.

With promises with big instant profits, people are tempted to participate in activities or the world whose mechanisms and risks they do not understand, especially in economic conditions that are becoming increasingly difficult as the pandemic leaves people looking for additional income. On the other hand, trading robots are one of the tools that have many advantages when used in the trading mechanism. Therefore, there is hope that after the issuance of PERBA No. 12 of 2022, it can become a reference for the public in choosing a legal trading robot and was subsequently approved by BAPPEBTI to assist the public in transactions in the PBK industry. With a rating, the mechanism and system for selling and offering trading robots, which previously caused many problems, must be immediately reformed in accordance with the current PERBA. For those of you who don`t know what a trading robot is, a trading robot is software in a computer that helps you make trades. Unfortunately, there are a lot of illegal companies in Indonesia, so people are afraid to invest. Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Commercial robotic systems are often offered for investment. However, it should be noted that there are illegal trading robots that harm users.

This is Motiska`s explanation on some lists of legal trading robots in Indonesia that are safe and from which you can choose. Hope this helps! If there are many cases of tangled trading robots, there will always be a question why not use a legal and official trading robot? However, few people know that there are already legal or official trading robots in Indonesia.