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Thus, while Article 35 of AP I directs the legal analysis of weapons to account for their inherent nature or characteristics, the English translation of The Hague IV directs the analysis towards the intentions of the designer, perhaps despite the possible effects of the weapon. [1] The United States applies the calculated causation test to its legal examinations of weapons (para. 6.6.1). You agree not to use the Molotov Service other than as expressly provided in these Terms of Use. In the event of the sale or loss of an authorized device on which your Molotov Account is active, you agree to disconnect it. If you do not log out, future users may be able to access certain information in your account. If your device is lost or stolen, you will be asked to change your personal password as soon as possible by logging into our site or by contacting Molotov customer service by email at Molotov TV reminds you of your full responsibility for the risks associated with the use of the Internet and electronic communications networks, in particular viruses that may affect your device. If you register for Molotov through the website or via, the use of the basic level is free of charge. I have been using Molotov for several years. At first, you could even record up to 3 hours and watch in the Streeming. Now all this is gone and in addition, several channels are blocked. To learn more about how we collect, use and share your information when you visit our website, which is accessible via the URL, or when you use Molotov applications, please read our Privacy Policy.

For more information about our services, or if you need help on your behalf, you can log in to the „Online Help“ and sections. Customer service can also be contacted via email to assist you in your efforts. The Site and the Application, including the underlying software technology and, more broadly, all the elements that compose them (such as logos, domain names, images, texts), are protected by intellectual property rights and/or other rights held or authorized to be used by Molotov. Meanwhile, Article 2(3) deals with incendiary devices supplied elsewhere. It prohibits their use against military targets unless they are clearly separated from „civilian concentrations.“ The last sentence refers to „any concentration . whether permanently or temporarily, as in inhabited neighbourhoods or inhabited towns or villages, or as in camps or columns of refugees or evacuees or groups of nomads. Article 2, paragraph 3, also requires that all feasible precautions be taken to protect civilian objects from the effects of their use. When you download a program to your device, you can watch it for 30 days offline. If you have started reading your program, it is available for 15 days after the first reading. After this time, it will be necessary to connect to the internet and download your recording again. Molotow TV has long been teased by Pierre Lescure, co-founder of Canal+ and this platform. It must be said that the promise was attractive.

The service had to meet the needs of a generation that had freed itself from the linearity of television and even the physical product. The website allows you to stream TV, just go back and pause live. Molotov TV is a platform that allows you to watch live TV, but also replays from your tablet, phone or computer. Launched with great fanfare in July 2016, the Internet channel`s broadcasting service could disappear. Explanations. On iPhone and iPad, the download is done from the App Store and the installation is done in the same way. Applied to the current conflict, a deliberately constructed Molotov cocktail used primarily to injure individuals through undetectable fragments, as opposed to burns, would undoubtedly be illegal under Protocol I of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. For example, a standard Molotov cocktail used to ignite a vehicle would clearly not imply a ban on fragments, since its main effect would be to burn the vehicle. Similarly, a Molotov cocktail that accidentally produces shrapnel wounds would not be prohibited. Where verification of the subscriber`s Member State of residence is not possible, or where the result of such verification shows that the subscriber no longer resides in the Member State where he signed his subscription, the subscriber may no longer benefit from cross-border portability.

If payment fails, we may suspend your access to your subscription until payment is made. Basic offer: refers to the offer available free of charge to users. Access to the Molotov platform is subject to the creation of an account. Offer: refers to the offer of audiovisual communication services and/or other services marketed by Molotov. If you prefer to watch TV programs without being dependent on the programming schedule, or if you do not have a television, there is now a solution: Molotov TV, nicknamed the „Netflix of television“. But it is not always obvious how to use this application, or how much it costs. Here is a short guide that will allow you to see more clearly. Deefake Technology in the Age of Information Warfare The term generally refers to a glass bottle filled with flammable liquid and sealed with a burning fuse or wick soaked in alcohol. When the bottle is thrown against a hard surface, it breaks, causing the cocktail liquid as well as its vaporized fuel to ignite. Other materials such as tar, detergents, polystyrene foam and rubber have been added to thicken the fuel mixture for adhesion to target surfaces and create additional pressure that enhances explosive effects and shrapnel.

It provides access to 2500 exclusive episodes and new live and reproducible seasons, thanks to access to two additional channels: Molotov TV is a free application and offers access to 36 channels, including those of TNT. A version for € 4.99 per month and without commitment allows access to 50 additional channels. The legal streaming service, which allows you to watch television from any medium, has stopped broadcasting the channels of the TF1 and M6 groups in its free offer. In case of payment of a subscription directly to Molotov, the subscriber expressly acknowledges and accepts that the provision of the Molotov subscription begins after the validation of his registration or before the expiry of the period of fourteen clear days provided for by the Consumer Code, and therefore acknowledges and agrees not to benefit from the right of withdrawal in the context of online or distance selling. Molotov: With Mango, a completely free VoD service, the platform has found© the right cocktail. The French platform launches Mango, a free or on-demand video© service funded© by advertising©. This is the principle of AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand), the free video financed© by advertising©. © Your use of the Molotov Service, including all related features and functions to which you have access, must comply with applicable laws and regulations to which you expressly agree. According to the calculated understanding of unnecessary suffering, the Molotov cocktail could be legitimate.

For example, despite the possibility of inflicting terrible burns and suffering, an improvised Molotov cocktail could be designed to achieve some military effect. If this were the case, the design and effect of the weapon would not be calculated to cause unnecessary suffering, but rather to gain military advantage. According to this interpretation, such a design would not violate the principle or the rules associated with it, since the suffering imposed is necessary to achieve a legitimate military objective. Therefore, the design and use of a Molotov cocktail to achieve an effect or objective that other designs cannot achieve would not be illegal according to the calculated approach. On the other hand, the design and use of a Molotov cocktail as a means of attack to greatly increase suffering or to deliberately prolong or aggravate suffering would be illegal. It should be noted that the Molotov cocktail would be illegal even if the severe suffering it inflicted was clearly disproportionate to the military advantage it was supposed to gain in the attack. It should also be noted that the Assembly of States Parties to the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute) recently adopted an amendment to include the prohibition of undetectable fragments in the Court`s War Crimes Regulations, which apply to international and non-international armed conflicts. But to date, neither Ukraine nor Russia have ratified this change. The court ruled in favour of M6 on 2 December 2021.